Let me introduce myself. I’m a software developer and I love clothes and bras. But they don’t love me back, alas!

I’m 38-23-37, 5’6″ and 32E/F. That means that nothing fits, ever. And nobody sympathizes (because body like mine is what girl could only dream of, right?). Well, no complains about my body, it’s beautiful, but finding clothes and bras is a real quest for me. And I’m planning on writing posts occasionally about how it is going. May be it will be helpful for other girls with curves.

My English isn’t brilliant (I’m not a native speaker and mostly use devs moon speak IRL), so I’m going to be mostly technical, writing about fit issues and how to overcome them.


9 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Boosaurus

    I definitely sympathize with the difficulty finding things that fit – thankfully, it’s gotten better the more I’ve learned and tried on! 🙂

    I had a question, though. From your measurements, it sounds like your underbust measurement is probably 24-25 inches. Based on that, you should be wearing a 24 or 26 band – not a 32 band. Wearing a too-big band will definitely cause many issues! Have you considered trying a 26HH/24J (Ewa Michalak will make these sizes by custom order)? Brittany from is around this size range.

  2. Fussy Busty

    Hi Malica;

    If your waist measurement is 23″, what is your under bust measurement? I find it hard to believe that you need a 32 band!!! This could be the source of your problems!

    -Fussy Busty

  3. Mary

    Hello! I’ve just discovered your new blog, looking forward to reading your posts! I was just wondering something…… Did I read correctly that your underbust measures 23 inches and you wear a 32 band bra? What made you choose a 32 band? I hope you don’t think this is rude and I’ve never met you so I would presume I know more about your bra size than you do but I am curious because most bra blogger advocate a bandsize = underbust measurement approach to fitting, especially for D+ cup sizes. Obviously size 24 bands are tricky to get hold of but is there a reason you choose a 32 instead of a 28? (Ewa Michalak makes 26 bands now).

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      I’m 30.5″ underbust. Just lucky to have a built in corset 😀
      32″ feels really tight, because ribs and skin are not very good cution, so I don’t think that 30″ band is a good idea for me.

  4. Mary

    I’ve just re-read your post and it occurs to me that 23 might be a typo and maybe your underbust is 33 inches? That would make so much more sense!

  5. Edith

    you are my body twin!!! I have exactly the same measurements, I am only half an inch shorter.
    and yes, I also need an 32 band.. clearly, the people who are confused don’t share our body type 🙂 it totally makes sense. think Beyoncé.
    oh and same story here, everything looks frumpy and plain wrong. i hate it.
    Any ideas where to shop on a budget? I am a student, and for tax and custom purposes it would be nice if the online shop is located in Europe…
    I am looking forward to more of your posts 😉

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      I think that if you on a budget then online shops like and could be very handy, I read a lot of glowing reviews on these brands. You may also make a habit of checking sale section of bust-friendly brands’ sites and create e-bay searches, which you can check regularly (these works fab both for clothes and for bras).
      Investing into sewing machine can be a great idea if you are crafty, because simple alterations (like taking in in the waist) makes a world of a difference.

      I tend to buy a lot of stuff on sale from Yoox and Asos, but it’s often not exactly cheap even with large discount.

      Hope this helps! And thank you for your interest! Really glad to find a body twin! ))


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