Review. Masquerade Tiffany Plunge

I’ve bought this bra in 32E from e-bay on fairly low price (it cost me £19.16 including shipping, retail starts at £30 without shipping). And I was really impressed with delivery (less then a week to Ukraine! wow!), so I think I should mention the seller: isabella3298.

The most awesome thing about this bra for me is that it fits ). And it’s very hard to find for me. As I mentioned before I have pointy breasts with very wide base, so I need very wide wires. I also have such a curse as a prominent breast bone and this eliminates vast majority of balconettes and half-cups for me, as they poke in the center like hell.

Good things about this bra:

First of all materials are absolutely gorgeous. It’s very soft. When I first put it on it felt like the bra hugged me tenderly. Satin feels soft and smooth and cups are lined with even softer cottony fabric.

Padding is quite lightweight, it’s just right for no showing through. For me it’s excellent: I don’t feel wearing armour and it’s completely work appropriate. I expect that it would be better option for summer than Deco based Ashlee (it’s no perfect options for our summer, when we have 100F and higher, but mesh for the band lining and light padding is as good as you can get, without risking nipple misbehave under air conditioner, I believe)

I love the design. Tiffany is a very good everyday bra (at least for me), but its retro vibe makes her eye candy. Sorry for the quality of the photos, I’ve made them with old phone camera.



Seams show a little under thin clinging jersey, but not under woven fabrics or thicker or draped jersey.

Things about this bra, that definitely good for me, but can be showstopper if you have different breast shape:

Tiffany has lower cups then most plunges. It can be not that good for some girls, but for me it’s fabulous – it doesn’t cut in my armpits.

Very wide wires. Again, I know that it could be bad for some of us, but I always struggle for wires that don’t cut on the sides. They also shorter and curve is more gentle, more flat. Deco and Porcelain were sitting half an inch under the root of my breasts in the center and very near the root on the sides, I think that it has something to do not only with volume on the bottom, but also with wires shape.

Kind of shallow cups, but they are not very shallow on bottom, like, say, Porcelain Plunge cups. But still shallow I believe.

Tiffany cup bottom

Crease at the bottom of the cup in Tiffany

There is a small crease on the bottom of the cups, but the problem is much-much smaller than with my other bras. So hooray for wide wires with flatter curve!

Straps are pretty. They are thin and not fully adjustable, too. Not a problem for me, though.

Tiffany strap

Tiffany strap

Not so good:

The band is stretchy and quite loose out of the box, in fact when I opened it, my first thought was: “Band looks too big!”. For me it isn’t a big problem, I can always have it altered for $3, so tight band isn’t a priority for me. But if you really need it tight or you are between sizes, I think that size down in the band and size up in the cup is a good idea. If I buy this bra again, I’m going for 30F (I’m 30.5 underbust, kind of between sizes, so I’m going to take my own advise). I should also mention that I moved on the tightest hook almost immediately.

For whom I wouldn’t recommend this bra.

I don’t know for sure whether Tiffany provides much uplift for heavy breasts because my breasts are pretty much self-supportive, but I think that thin straps and stretchy band are no good for the girls who need a lot of support. And if you need deep and/or narrow cups – skip this bra! I also think that if you have soft breast tissue this bra could be tricky for you, because of spillage to the center.

Fit on me.

Tiffany on me

Tiffany on me, I look pretty flat chested

Tiffany centers my breasts a bit, but I have pretty severe East-West syndrome plus wide base, so don’t rely on that if you are different. It also flattens me, not very much, but still, as a compensation it gives me some a hint to cleavage (on other breast shape it should be a lot of it I assume).

I’m pretty ok with the shape. It’s very much my natural shape, but more rounded (and flattened). I think that thinner padding and more natural shape is among the reasons why this bra is so ridiculously comfortable on me), and it doesn’t give me a lot of forward projection, but it’s still better than no bra.

UPD. I had to alter the band of 32E because it begin shifting like crazy and I hate this, but otherwise it was almost perfect for me, so I followed my own advise and got this bra in 30F. Fits like a glove.

3 thoughts on “Review. Masquerade Tiffany Plunge

  1. AZGirl

    I think I understand where you’re coming from. Are your breasts positioned low on your chest, have a wide root, and tend to look like you have tons of side/armpit boob if you wear a push up?

    I think it’s a function of the hourglass shape – the wide shoulders and ribs.

    I am struggling to find a bra that truly fits – for the reasons above and I’m short waisted (another hourglass trait). I share the characteristic that my breasts are really spread out over most of my chest (top to bottom and side to side) and that makes finding a bra that enhances (push up) but doesn’t give me armpit boob very difficult.

    I also think the bottom base of my breasts are relatively flat compared to most wires. So I’m trying to find bras with flatter wires. Looking at some balcony styles and side support bras. Additionally, I need a very narrow (or none at all) gore.

    I’m roughly 43-35-43 right now. Oddly enough my shoulders are 43″ also. Underbust is 36 – and that’s positioning the bra strap low on my torso (because the base of my breasts are low). If I try to shove the band up I just get underarm boob and pain.

    Note, my waist is close to my band size. I am THAT short waisted. Think of Christina Hendricks, only I’m an F cup.

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      I think that breast positioning in my case is pretty much average, and when I did this thing about 8 divisions that should be equal to consider a body as absolutely proportional (head, neck and shoulders to the nipple, from nipple to waist line, waist line to crotch, crotch to the mid-thigh, mid-thigh to knee, knee to mid-crus, mid crus to ground level), I found that in my case nipple and waist position are in this classical proportion, but the breast “base” is indeed very wide and yes, push ups make me look way wider than I really am. Plunge bras without cookies are way better, but they still can have some flattening/widening effect.

      Wide ribcage could often be found in hourglass body shape. In my case it’s more deep than wide, but I have broad shoulders. If they were narrow, I would be pear.
      Not all hourglass women are short-waisted and if they are it’s often long rise, because to get distinct waist definition you need some space between lower ribs and pelvis. There are some tricks how to make waist look longer, but if the nipple is in it’s place or higher then it’s not short waist it’s more like “tall” breast base (base is spread along the torso). So no messing with the waist line. With “tall” base I would try to look for square underwires (they are not actually square, they just sort of squarish, so they are more flattened under the breast and go high under arms). I think I saw something about it in one of the lingerie blogs I read, but I can’t remember.

      AFAIK, shoulders == hips is a hourglass classic.

      Have you tried different half-cups, BTW? They usually have wider wires which is good for wide base and they are relatively shallow (yet another feature that good for wide girls).


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