The Undercover Experience – one of the worst customer experiences in my life

As many women who “blessed” by non-standard bra size I have to shop online. Mostly I have really good customer experience, but this one was very different.

Frankly speaking they made me furious at some point. So the temptation to get all emotional is really there, but I’m going just state the facts.

I made my order on 24th of December 2012.

After a month I discovered that status of my order is still ‘Payed by PayPal’.

I asked the site politely through contact form about the status of my order – no response.

Two days later I opened a PayPal dispute (Glad I used PayPal! If it was credit card I would be totally lost).

Then I got a very cold answer that they didn’t have the bra I had ordered in stock and waiting for Panache for it. And it will be another week. There was no sorry, nothing.

I answered that if they had it delivered within 45 days then I would wait, otherwise I want a refund. No answer. They just silently tried to return me 32.64 pounds (of 34!), PayPal cancelled the transaction.

Yesterday I reminded about that and got no reaction.

I escalated to claim and got my money back today (have to go bra shopping!)

I will never ever buy from them again and strongly unadvise others!

I really glad I used PayPal as a method of payment. Everything goes smoothly with them and their customer protection is awesome feature.

10 thoughts on “The Undercover Experience – one of the worst customer experiences in my life

  1. Fussy Busty

    Yikes! I hope it wasn’t from a really well known place.

    I refuse to order from FigLeaves ever again. Their site isn’t secure. I ordered from them once, returned the item and in the meantime reordered in a different size. I used two different credit cards.

    A week later, I had fraudulent charges on both cards. I urge anyone to stay away from FigLeaves.

  2. Jessica

    Which compamy if you don’t mind me asking or sharing. It sounds like a company I recently ordered from

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      ‘The Undercover Experience’ is a name of the company. I didn’t specify that it was a name of the store, my bad. I didn’t give the site link either, because I don’t want to promote them. And what was the company you have negative experience with? I think it’s important to know “villains” of the industry, because we rely on online shopping a lot.

  3. Canary

    RE: The Undercover Experience; I first emailed the retailer before placing my order online and was offered a 10% discount. However, when I placed and paid for my order, no discount was applied. A few days later I phoned to add one other item to my order. The lady on the phone was curt and seemed bothered that she had to pick up the phone. She told me that both items should arrive together in approximately one week and then she cut me off barely saying goodbye.

    I frequently checked my Order Details and there was never an amendment made reflecting the discount or the additional item I ordered.

    My inquiries concerning my order were generally ignored except for one reply in which I was told that they would chase up the manufacturer. After that, I never found out what the manufacturer had to say. Following yet another week, and now it’s been nearly a month, I filed a dispute with PayPal and the next day, I received a refund from “The Undercover Experience” with NO explanation, NO apology, no words whatsoever. I’m disappointed because I really wanted the items but communicating with them was like trying to pull hens teeth and they never did explain what the situation actually was.

    In summary, “The Undercover Experience” has a poorly laid website. They DO NOT tell you if items are “out of stock” or “unavailable” and there is no way to know if your order is even in progress. THEY ARE SELLING ITEMS THEY DON’T STOCK THEMSELVES without any assurance they can even get them for you. BEWARE!!!

  4. Barbara

    I have just cancelled an order with Undercover Experience. Ordered 5 February, chased them up 6 March and they said would send as soon as possible. Two more emails to them 28 March and 3 April to which they did not reply. Not heard anything to date so I have just cancelled the order. What a waste of time and effort. Found a local shop which say they can get same bras withing 2 weeks so will go to them.

  5. Marion Leeson

    I hadn’t read these reviews and made the mistake of using the Undercover Experience – 3 weeks and 3 E Mails – nothing heard. I have just made a very irate phone call (yes, I actually managed to get through!) and cancelled my order. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!


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