Review. Freya Lounge, Erin Lounge Pants

I bought them from Large Cup Lingerie, online shop, which was praised a lot in lingerie blogging community for free worldwide shipping (fast free worldwide shipping I want to add!), very reasonable prices and excellent customer service. I also ordered Masquerade Rhea from them, but she should wait, because straps were too far apart for me and the fit was off, so I gave it to my seamstress to fix this.

But Freya Lounge Erin Lounge Pants were spot on. I ordered them in size 12 and they are totally ok on my 37″ butt. I think I could even get away with size 10, but I’m glad I ordered 12, because I like loose fit in lounge clothes. Fabric is incredibly soft and breathable.

The waistband features elastic in the back and firm front with ribbons. It took me a little bit to accommodate to this, because you definitely should take this into account when taking them off or putting on.

erin pants

Sorry, no rear view, kind of tricky to make

I love the stripes (and my cat’s hair doesn’t show!).

Aren't they?

Aren’t they nice?

They have a back pocket. I can’t say that I really like it, but it’s not a showstopper either.

Back Pocket

Back Pocket

The quality of seams is good (the photo below features the only place that a little bit sloppy).

Waistband inside

Waistband inside

UPD Today I found that the side seam on a waistband came apart. I think this is still my favourite lounge pants, but exercises with thread and needle are real killjoy for me. Looks like Freya needs quality control improvement.

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