Review. Masquerade Rhea in black

Beautiful lace, cotton lined cups, incredible lift and shape (if you have the right size of cause), what not to love?

Masquerade Rhea. Product image from official site

Masquerade Rhea. Product image from official site

This bra is a real bestseller and was reviewed by many bloggers many times, so I think there is no point in a full review.

Here are some links:

Masquerade Rhea in Black by Sophisticated Pair (30H)

Masquerade Rhea in Champagne/Pink by Dimpsey Bra Fit (28F)

Masquerade Rhea in Ice Blue/Fawn by Windiegardie (Undiegamer) (28F)

Masquerade Rhea in Mulberry/Slate (Burgundy) by Faustine

Masquerade Rhea in Mulberry/Slate (Burgundy) by Bras I Hate & Love (30H)

Masquerade Rhea in Mulberry/Slate (Burgundy) by FullerFigureFullerBust (36H)

So my 5 cents about fit:

This bra has incredibly flexible wires. It could be a problem, actually. Rhea’s cups are way too narrow for me, but when I put it on wires are distorted by the band and I have absolutely no problems with narrowness. But the coin has another side: I can’t bend the wires, because they simply return to their previous shape. I was trying to bend the center out, because I have prominent breast bone (this means that any the center gore higher than 1.5″ pokes). Even when I placed my laptop on the wires and waited like 5 minutes it had no effect at all! Now I have two options: cushioning and clipping the wires, I’m going to try cushioning first and if it doesn’t help, then wish me luck.

I often have problem with straps due to the side-fullness and wide base. If cup edge to strap distance is rather small then straps begin practically in my armpits. And Rhea had the smallest distance from all my bras. It was so bad that it was not just uncomfortable, but fit was affected badly.

Here is an armpit area after alteration. My finger is where the strap was attached before

Here is the armpit area after alteration. My finger is where the strap was attached before

By the way, here is the detailed instruction, how to do this type of alteration (funny enough it features Rhea).

9 thoughts on “Review. Masquerade Rhea in black

  1. sophisticatedpair

    Thanks for linking to our review! It’s such a shame the underwire placement is not right for you because this style is amazing.

  2. WideCurves

    After resding this, I am entertaining the idea of altering my Cleo Juna to make the arm holes larger, and snip the tall underwire. Wish I could move the strap to get it out of my armpit; however, the strap can’t be moved on that design.

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      Looks like with Juna moving the straps is a major alteration. BTW, there is a trick about underwires: silicone hermetic used for plumbing.

      BTW I’m pretty much sure that wide base causes “straps too far apart” problem (there could other reasons of cause). We need underwires to go further to the sides and cups on us get flattened, so distance between straps become bigger than on girls with more narrow and deep breasts wearing the same bra (I saw effect with my own eyes because I have a friend with very close size).

      1. WideCurves

        Please share the trick for the underwires! What do I do with the silicone?

        I just put up a blog post about the various widths of my straps. It was quite disheartening to discover I need to stick to bras with closer-set straps.

      2. nothingeverfits Post author

        It’s basically undoing the stitches on wire channel, then applying plumbers silicon on the tip and restoring the stitches. This could be combined with clipping the wire and sewing the channel to make it shorter (this is really the last resort!).
        It can help if wires poke a little (not when it’s really bad).

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      You are welcome! I hope this helps.
      And good seamstress is really worth the fuzz of the search, I’m totally spoiled here, because I have two ateliers nearby, and half of my clothes and most of my bras were altered at some point.

      1. WideCurves

        I do envy your alterations!

        And that’s an excellent point about wide ribs flattening out the cups and pushing the straps to the sides. Well put!

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