Why I don’t like to shop for bras locally

“Don’t like” is actually underestimation. I actually hate this. Here is my reasons:

  • when shopping for bras I always should go through “you can’t be that size”, I definitely know my size range and how bra should fit, but explaining, demonstrating fit and size tag of the bra I walk in and sometimes demonstrating tremendous fit problems with the size they think should fit me is time-consuming (I do know that I look much smaller than I really am, but hey! I’m grown up woman and if I ask for the certain size this means I know what I’m asking for). And this is unavoidable, because with bras you can’t just silently pick you size and go to the fitting room in the vast majority of stores, you need sales people cooperatively looking for sizes in all that drawers;
  • it’s usually very limited choice in my size, and having a tricky shape leaves me sometimes completely out of options;
  • mark up is insane, I wouldn’t mind paying extra 30% on top of LCL or BraStop price for being able to try bra on first, but 200%?! Are you kidding me?
  • they always try to sell sister-size, if they can’t find anything in my size. Well, it could work when we are talking about one band size, but this is it. I’ve learned it long time ago with a cheap 38C bra (you can alter the band!) It felt like it should fit in the cups when it was a 38, but when it became 32 it became obvious that cups are too small. And because it is a push up, my breasts, which don’t like to be pushed, push the cups down, so I can wear this freak of alteration only with a very tight top. And needless to say that straps are too far apart.

So of all the reasons only the second one is really something objective. Break and mortar store should optimize its inventory, so it can’t afford to carry as much sizes and styles as online retailers. But if it was only that I would be hitting the stores time to time to find what’s new. With all four and would rather buy online, despite that it’s a hit or miss.

4 thoughts on “Why I don’t like to shop for bras locally

  1. WideCurves

    It is discouraging to go into a shop and see “good prospects” only in sizes out of your range. In the US most bras are displayed on racks, and service is hard to come by, so we are usually allowed to browse in peace. I have had to explain my larger-than-they-appear breasts a few times, and have been presented with sister sizing. Sometimes, it’s helpful because I’ll try something I never would have considered. Mostly, it just gets my hopes up and I’m disappointed they don’t carry my size.

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      I think it has something to do with a price of a square fit and average salary of sales people. Here they usually try to pack as much merchandise as possible in a very small area and even there is not enough staff it’s hard for them to ignore you in this small space (but in any case – you need them to get the staff to try, because of cause there are sizes on display, just hardly it will be your size).

      I’m agree that sometimes it could bring some new ideas, but sister sizing could be deceiving, because with the right band cups fit differently.

  2. Mara

    I agree with the contents of your post. In my area there is only one store that has carried the same (one) style in my cup size (H) for over 6 months now and the largest department store that has high end brands (mainly french and far too expensive for me) have only recently “honoured” their customers with one style in a G cup. I actually went to buy something else there and I thought “let’s waste my time asking what is the biggest cup size they have” so the sales lady looked at me very enthusiastic and said they had a G cup and that I should try it. I could feel how she was trying to find out my size by looking at me, probably expecting to fit me into a 100 euro 42G bra or something similar. No way! Trying bras in stores which I am 100% positive are not my size makes me very angry. Shopping online is risky in terms of not really knowing how it will fit you but at least there’s more choice in brands, styles, sizes and prices too.

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      I have several stores that carry my size nearby (large city privilege – you have some specialized stores), but it’s like a Greek myth about Tantalus punishment: when I reach for them they are not really there (because wires always too narrow for me, I have some Polish brands and Eveden bras nearby, but no Panache or Parfeit by Affinitas, and Wonderbra usually goes only to European E cup (which is DD) locally 😦
      And oh, yes, it really bugs me, too: their enthusiasm about something that clearly cannot fit properly in a thousand years!

      I calculated that even if I miss and get the unwearable bra which I can’t alter to fit half of the time it’s still much cheaper, than if I was shopping locally and paying retail mark up, so viva e-bay and LCL!


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