Couple of words about countershading in bra wearing

I’ve always been a plain colors girl. If I have to choose between print and plain it’s always plain.

And I love my bras discreet. I don’t have a prejudice against seams as I know that they can be flat enough to be invisible even under quite thin jersey. But I avoid frills and lace on my bras like evangelism of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

But there are always some exceptions (not with Jehovah’s Witnesses, of cause) and sometimes these exceptions are just meant for each other. I’m talking about busy prints and not so flat lace on your bra. It’s what busy prints do: makes shape less definite, flattened for our eye and lace texture just magically disappears. Irregular, little bit fuzzy and busy prints work the best. Mother nature used this effect zillions of times to hide its creatures in the plain site.

The only problem here is that prints can do the same to our body shape. And if you are not a sniper in an ambush you don’t want that. That’s why plain color cardigans work so great with floral print dresses. They add definition. But of cause they are not the only option (to tell the truth for me it’s “oh, no, so not my style” option). Vests, jackets, even wide belts can do the same. Strategically placed plain color panels can do the same. Print could be anything, Possibilities are endless, so let’s have fun!

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