Review. Mimi Holliday Nymphina Lace & Silk Satin Super Plunge

Purchasing this bra was a mistake, but lucky one (literally, I was buying Nymphina Comfort lace bra, but ebay seller made a mistake). I like this bra so much I want pure black (Angelique Jet seems perfect) and nude  (Bisou-bisou brulee may pass as nude, but I’m afraid that show through factor is pretty high for this bra, so I’m not really sure about it) versions of it and may be some colourful. Poppet (indigo) and Berry Fest (magenta) would be beautiful combo with all my paleness, but this is a pure whim, a caprice, so I’m going to indulge it only if I see them really cheap on ebay.

I got this bra in my usual 32E and cup size was spot on and band is quite loose. I can technically go to the last hook, but it feels most comfy on the second, so for the bra I’m not going to wear often it’s not that bad and in doesn’t ride up, at least immediately, but for future I’m going for 30F.

I must say that in higher cup sizes this bra looks completely different than in 32Bs I saw it and wasn’t interested at all. I think that 32E could be called higher cup size in this case, because this bra doesn’t go past 30FF and sister sizes (and it’s no 28G, only 28FF).

Nymphina front view

Nymphina front view

Nymphina profile

Nymphina profile

Very different from this, isn’t it?

This is how it's featured on Damaris site

This is how it’s featured on Damaris site

But you know what? I think that I like the design in 32E much better.

The bra has vertical seams on cups, but if you look inside you will see that it really has one diagonal seam construction.

Nymphina cup inside

Nymphina cup inside

Good things about this bra:

  • This bra is insanely comfortable (at least for me). No pinching, itching etc. Everything is very soft. It’s very well made. Well, this is expected for Mimi Holliday I guess.
  • Straps are wide set, but not terribly so, they are not in my armpits, hoooray! And they look nice, so I don’t mind if they become visible.

Things about this bra, that definitely good for me, but can be showstopper if you have different breast/body shape:

  • Very opened cups. It makes this bra very good for girls like me, who are quite firm and have “short” breasts, but I think those with softer breast tissue could feel not supported enough and on “tall” breasts it could look ridiculous and show a part of the nipple.
  • Straps are not fully adjustable and quite thin.
  • Wires are flexible and wide, more of a “smile” shape than deep U, if you need sturdy or narrow wires then keep your distance.
  • It gives immediate depth.
  • Padding is thin and very flexible, so it doesn’t mold your breasts it molds to their shape and provide nipple coverage.

Not so good:

My only complain about this bra is that it shows a lot under clothes. Seams and the top edge of the cup are very visible (they are visible on my photos, made by old cellphone, but in real life it’s worse).

I’m also not really sure about stretchiness of the band and straps (they are very soft and thin and it’s suspicious), but it’s more like a “special occasion bra” for me, so I think that it won’t be a problem. The band has 4 columns 1 row closure.

Nymphina closure

Nymphina closure

Strap close up - the thinnest straps of all the bra I own!

Strap close up – the thinnest straps of all the bra I own!

But we will see. And I’m going to update this post in a year or so, but until then I’m no help here.

This bra gives rather natural shape, but in a very nice way.

Nymphina on me under thin jersey turtleneck

Nymphina on me under thin jersey turtleneck

So overall conclusion: great bra if you like low half cups and need wide wires! Consider going for the sister size in the smaller band if you are on the smaller end of the band size.

2 thoughts on “Review. Mimi Holliday Nymphina Lace & Silk Satin Super Plunge

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      If I’m not mistaken it’s black lace over soft pink )), so not so perfect under light clothes. I have some hopes for Sugar Squeeze, though.

      UPD Saw the new version on their site. I definitely need this bra! Thanks!


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