Review. Prima Donna Menton Plunge

Here is the story: I really need some non-padded bras for summer. The heat is already at 90+ F sometimes and in July and August it can easily jump to 100F (last year official maximum was 107.6F or 42C). Even thin foam is not really welcomed in such weather conditions. My previous attempt was Panache Loretta Plunge and it failed miserably. Problem is that non-padded bras are usually have deeper cups and I need shallow and wide. And to tell the truth I’m picky when it comes to design. That’s why when I read that Prima Donna bras have wide wires and are usually good for shallow breasts I become hopeful (they are beautiful). Well, what can I tell, it failed even more miserable than my previous attempt.

So here it is: Menton Plunge. This bra is breathable and absolutely gorgeous. Prima Donna really worth its price tag (although I got mine from ebay really cheap, because I was just testing the brand, so I was looking for bargain really hard, it saved me from being totally devastated).

It’s three part cups construction with a side sling for the better lift and support.

Front View (on a hanger)

Front View (on a hanger)

Side view

Side view

This lace against the light... isn't it beautiful?

This lace against the light… isn’t it beautiful?

Straps are partially adjustable.

Lace on the straps continues the same theme as on the cups

Lace on the straps continues the same theme as on the cups

This is how they placed the label (it’s near the armpit).

Label from lace

Label from lace

Quality is impeccable.

Inside view, the sewing is precise.

Inside view, the sewing is precise.

But here is the catch: it runs huge in the cups and tight in the band. So 32E (my go-to size) was more like 30G. And when I’m totally ok with not super tight 30s (I definitely prefer 32 for comfort, but hey… my underbust is 29.5), the fact that it’s 2 cup sizes too large is absolute show stoppage. And from the fact that wires’ width is good for me and cups’ edges are flush against the skin, while I have huge gaping in the middle (no, it’s absolutely not “orange in the glass”, cups’ depth is much bigger than perimeter of my breasts), I can tell that cups’ shape is totally wrong for me. This bra designed for more narrow and projected breasts than mine. I would say that wires are not super narrow (think Comexim), but there are not wide also, at least not for Menton Plunge. And they are quite sturdy.

Looks like non-padded plunges from Prima Donna are after all not for me. And I begin to suspect that non-padded bra for summer is mission impossible for my breast shape.

7 thoughts on “Review. Prima Donna Menton Plunge

  1. WideCurves

    Oh no, I wish the Menton had worked for you! I have been wanting to try it; however, I couldn’t find it any larger than an F cup…which worried me (they make it up to an Ff or G??)…so I hadn’t ordered it…

    Can you find any Curvy Kate’s on eBay? They almost always run shallow, and there are many in padded styles to choose from.

    I understand about the heat…gets to 105f at my house. Ugh.

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      Bratabase says that it goes all the way to G. But from what I saw you can better be in F or even E. Miss Underpinnings here writes about her sizes in different brands fitters put her, and her Prima Donna size was 2 cups smaller than her Chantelle or Parfeit size.

      I have problem with non-padded Curvy Kate bras: they are all balconettes with central gore high enough to stab me (((. For me Mimi Holliday Super Plunges are the highest I can go without need to nip wires. So I’m a plunge girl out of necessity, ))
      I have some hopes on Daisy Chain, though, but it’s not there until August.

      105F in the house? This is insane. A/C should be obligatory for any climate where it can get past 85F.

      1. WideCurves

        Oops, sorry…should have said “in Tucson”. Yes, we definitely have a/c. Though many Tucsonans still live with evaporative coolers…which makes you feel like you’re camping in the jungle.

        The highest gore I can wear is 3″ – and I haven’t explored CK plunges because the line is notoriously shallow….and I have poor luck with shallow plunges.

        Claudette? If you can wear up to a 3″ gore the line may work. The En Dentelle has very wide cups.

        Thanks for the tip on Prima Donna/Menton. I think I’ll try one.

      2. nothingeverfits Post author

        I definitely feel relief about temperature in your house ))

        I don’t like CK padded plunges design-wise despite the fact that they could be a good fit, judging from their measurements and reviews. If I’m not mistaken Daisy Chain is their first non-padded plunge bra.

        Yep about 3″, Nymphina central gore is 8cm, it’s a tiny bit more that 3″, but this bra is cut absolutely strait in the band, it’s no curve that makes central gore shorter from the bottom. So I have to be really careful with half cups.
        And thank you for the tip about En Dentelle!

        Good luck with Prima Donna bras! They are absolutely gorgeous (believe me, my photos don’t make Menton justice! it’s much prettier IRL and feels fabulous).

        UPD not 7″, just 3 )) typo ) edited

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