Review. Mimi Holliday Berry Fest Super Plunge and Angelique Jet Super Plunge

So far my most comfortable bra has been Mimi Holliday Nymphina Super Plunge, so when I saw these for 21£ I ordered Angelique Jet (because it’s a great basic) and Berry Fest (because color is gorgeous).

Angelique Jet is the good example how basic bra could be sexy and pretty.

Front view

Front view

Side view

Side view

Band is lace. Flat and breathable and very pretty!

Lace on the a band close up

Lace on the a band close up

And Berry Feast. The color is brighter and deeper in real life. True magenta.

Front view

Front view

Side view

Side view

Band is powermesh and I think that gold looks really good with main color

Band is powermesh and I think that gold looks really good with main color

But, alas! These beauties were less successful fit-wise.

Nymphina is very slightly gaping when I’m in my smallest (to tell the truth I tend to skip the bra on these days) and my salvation when I’m in my fullest. And I wanted more of this! But both Berry Fest and Angelique Jet are smaller both in the band and in the cup.

I would say that Berry Fest and Angelique Jet are true to size in the band, may be even on a tighter side.

Angelique Jet is a little bit smaller in the cup than Nymphina, so it fits just fine when I’m in my smallest and gore stick out slightly when I’m bloating, but it’s not really uncomfortable. I usually get problem with wires are too narrow, while central gore is tacking, but not with Mimi Holliday Super Plunges. Slightly floating central gore is the only issue when I’m in my fullest, so I think that it’s totally wearable, but Alas! there is no insane comfort which I get from Nymphina. Well, given that it is very nice looking. quite comfortable and has smooth cups, I think it will get a great amount of wear. Although I have two Masquerade Tiffany plunges which are the same size and function.

The real problem is Berry Fest. It’s even smaller in the cups than Angelique Jet. Central gore floating even when I’m in my smallest. I should confess that I love the color and overall look and feel too much to sell it , so I’m going to keep it for a while. But I think that I will be looking for 32F in this.

Here you can see difference in the cups between Berry Feast and Nymphina. I think it's pretty close to cup size

Here you can see difference in the cups between Berry Fest and Nymphina. I think it’s pretty close to cup size

So that was the story of how my dreams of ultimate comfort were ruined by the size inconsistency, but I still have a new pretty and basic bra and one colorful bra which almost fit sometimes.

4 thoughts on “Review. Mimi Holliday Berry Fest Super Plunge and Angelique Jet Super Plunge

  1. L. Camille Dunn

    I hope that you can give me some advice. I’m an expat living in China who wears a bra in a 38G or a 40H, a size that is impossible to find here and I’m getting desperate. I’m going to Moscow and St. Petersburg for a holiday in a few weeks and I was hoping to find something there, but I can’t seem to find where to go, I’ve been looking on Google for days, which is what led me to your blog. I know that you live in eastern Ukraine, but I thought you might have a recommendation for a store or a brand that I might look for. The usual brands from the UK don’t seem to be available for retail in Russia. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for your blog and keep up the good work!

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      Moskow (and St.Petersburg) isn’t a full-busted women Mecca, and mark up could be rather high, especially in Moskow. but it’s not a bra desert also.

      First of all DD Atelier has brick and mortar stores in Moscow and St.Petersburg. They carry clothes (they have coats!) and lingerie. Choice of bras in your size is really small, but you will be able to try them on.
      м. Арбатская, ул. Арбат, 10, ТЦ Midland Plaza («Старая улица»), 3-й этаж. Тел. (495) 749 1230
      Arbatskaya metro station, Arbat str. 10, Midland Plaza, 3rd floor

      St. Petersburg
      м. Пл. Восстания, пер. Ульяны Громовой, д.8 (5 минут пешком от метро). Тел. (812) 986-26-86
      Plschad Vosstaniya metro station, Ulyana Gromova lane 8

      Russian version of site, bra section

      I would recommend to look at Milavitsa, as they carry up to European 95J and cut rather generous (but of cause there could be not the whole size range in the shop, so if you can ask Russian speaking person for help I would ask him or her to call the shops before going there).
      Moskow Milavitsa shops (and there are links for other regions)
      (sorry it’s Russian, but there are mostly addresses and map)

      Tatyana’s Secret actually carries Panache. And the claim to carry 40 band and cups up to J.
      (this is the link with shop addresses)
      This is all Moskow
      1. Universitet metro station, Javaharlala Neru sq. 1, “Univer City”, 2nd floor, shop # 57 (10am-21pm)
      2. Konkovo metro station, Profsoyuznaya st, “Konkovo Passazh”, row 13, place 1, 10am – 20pm (sounds like market)
      3. Paveletskay (koltsevaya) metro station, Novokuznetskaya st, 39, stroyeniye (building) 1, Paveletskiy Passazh, 2nd floor, pavilon 54, 10am – 20pm (Sun 10am-19pm)
      4. “VDNH” metro station
      “Otradnoye” metro station
      “Babushkinskaya” metro station
      “Zolotoy Vavilon”, 1st shops’ level, Uzhniy prospect, pavilon 102
      10am -22pm

      In St. Petersburg
      Two planets,
      Gorohovaya st, 34
      metro stations “Sennaya ploschad”, “Sadovaya”, “Spasskaya”
      (812) 938-12-95
      (this one seems to have the best choice, they encourage customers to make an appointment)

      It will be really helpful if you are able to ask somebody, who speaks Russian to go with you to the shops, because most likely its personnel doesn’t speak English. 38 is European 85 (pronounced “vosemdesyat pyat”) and 40 is European 90 (devyanosto) band. Cups are pronounced the same.

      Hope this will help.

      I wish you find some bras that fit and have a wonderful holiday. St.Petersburg is absolutely amazing.

      1. Camille

        Thank you so much! You are incredibly generous to take the time to write out such detailed instructions! My boyfriend is Russian and I asked him to help me find lingerie shops that carry large sizes, but he got uncomfortable and didn’t really understand what I need. He also cannot give me his opinions and advice as you did which is even more valuable. However, he can come with me to help translate, even if he feels uncomfortable 😉

        The sad bras that I brought with me when I moved to China two years ago are so worn out that I’ve been stitching them together to try to make them last while I looked for someplace to find replacements. You’re a life saver!

        Since you took the time to write this you might want to share it with the women at, I’m sure that they could appreciate all of your hard work.

        Thanks again!

      2. nothingeverfits Post author

        It wasn’t that hard )))
        Software developers are really fast with typing and googling ), and I knew about some of these brands and shops before googling ).
        BTW you can also try to call here (they carry Freya, Fauve and some other full bust brands, but there is no info about size ranges and prices).

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