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#DiversityInLingerie campaign

I think that my photo would be much of a help in this campaign, because I look very much like most of models: white, tall, slim, thin waist, smaller end of average bust, no tattoos or stretch marks. But I support this, it’s awful to feel excluded because of something in you that you can’t change and ad campaigns exploiting only one type of beauty, only white, tall, slim and so on make very many women feel like that (in fact majority of women!).

I also think that catalogue images should be more informative for customers and diversity, when each item shown on different models, of different sizes, skin tones etc, will help that a lot. So it’s not only ethical issue, it’s actually can be really good for businesses if they paid more attention to diversity. Fancy lit, artistically staged and carefully photoshopped photos could be eye candies, but wouldn’t you prefer a better idea about how it’s going to look on you, when you are buying online?

I love eye candies, but one sort of candies is not a healthy diet. We need a lot more diversity than that!

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