This is going to be some time until I resume blogging

This is going to be lytdybr post (lytdybr is what Russian word ‘diary’ becomes if you use wrong keyboard layout). This mean that I’m not going to be reviewing a bra or writing something useful, just writing about how it is going for me. Which is pretty good actually.

The thing is I’m in California right now. There was a lot to do before flying to the other end of the world (visa, tickets, arrange my cat living with my parents, install some stuff on my corporate laptop, pack my bags etc) and there is a lot to do here (work, shopping, sightseeing to name a few).

Here is what I think about California

17-miles drive is beautiful even when it’s foggy and the weather is not good at all. But where I’m staying it has been great so far! Very warm and sunny.

They care about disabled people over there, people in wheelchairs are not limited by their homes and cars, traffic lights for pedestrians are doubled by sound, so they can be used by blind people. Great respect for that. In Ukraine it’s a terrible problem.

People are really nice. My team members are all very friendly and helpful.

Starbucks is overrated, but food is really good here and portions are huge!

GPS driving is not my thing!

Shopping is not what I expected it to be. I was going to buy jeans and casual shoes and sandals and I can’t find even single pair of jeans that fits and flatter and I tried a lot. Being in two Levi’s shops and True Religion outlet and several others I found only four models which were my size and looked ok, but they didn’t flatter me at all and were all small folds in the back because of very soft elastic or were too low on my hips. Skinnies or slims of size 26(sometimes 27)-32 for girl with curves? (I forget about boyfriends, I promise, they look cute, but never fit me, although I insist on skinnies! I have old skinnies which fit fab), pleease! Is it too much to ask? No luck with shoes either. Patent purple heels doesn’t count because they are anything but casual. But you guys have really good deals on electronics. So hooray to a new phone, a camera and a laptop. And leather jacket I may review later.

Definitely going to San Francisco next  weekend. Hope to find something looking good and walkable there (yes! I do that awful thing with my shoes: I walk, I can walk couple of miles just because I feel like walking and the weather is good, I also don’t like shoes which look all sporty and completely lack style). But even if I don’t find them Golden Bridge alone should be enough to justify the hassle.

 So being on a mission (buying shoes is a mission!) I’m afraid I won’t be able to write a post the next couple of weeks, but all your suggestions about what to do in northern California will be greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “This is going to be some time until I resume blogging

  1. Variante

    Glad you enjoy California. My brother lives there, so I’ve visited a few times.
    Maybe if you tell the store clerks your measurements it will help with pants? I usually do that and can find some clothes, and mine are 81-58-89.
    Good luck! [:


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