Why there won’t be a giveaway on one year anniversary

I’m glad to announce that my blog is one year old and there won’t be a giveaway!

Yep. no beautiful bras that could be yours if you promote me in Facebook, Twitter and whatever and will be lucky enough. You know why? Because I’m not selling you bras.

No clothes either. For the same reason. I’m not in marketing. And especially self-marketing.*

I’m writing because I have information I want to share and I think that writing blog in English is great language practice. I also like to be a part of lingerie blogging community. But I’m not a salesperson. My English is not excellent and I never hesitate to write characteristics as ‘must be unsupportive’ or ‘good only for firm breasts’ or ‘inconsistent sizing’.

So, please, share with me the joy of writing what I think.  Of having zero photos in my underwear. Of not having to wear shapewear under cheap polyester dresses to make them look good on photos. Of the luxury to be a snob when it comes to clothes. Of the luxury to stop updating the blog because I don’t feel like blogging.

And thank you for all you comments and attention. I really like to have readers and especially interlocutors. People with whom I can share my interests.

UPD And, after second thought it doesn’t seem quite right to do nothing, so here is the thing: you can ask me in this post anything you want about style, what goes with the dress, why that bra or shirt fits funny, what skirts are the best for your body shape or anything you like bra and clothes related and I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

* I’m not sure that it’s official term. It’s from ‘The Jones’ movie (long story short: self marketing can make a real damage).

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