2013 is over, but I have plans for New Year 2014

blue_horseI published 37 posts in 2013 and for me it was a quite comfortable pace, so the next year I expect it will be the same number of posts, give or take.

I participated in two campaigns #diversityInLingerie and Modesty Panel. It was fun, so I’m looking forward to new hot topics from lingerie blogging world.

I wrote my top post ‘Are you an hourglass?’, but I can’t promise to write something like that one more time.

Last year there were about ten bra reviews in this blog, but I expect that there will be less the next year, because I found shape and style I like most, and I have a box full of bras which fit from ok to perfect. Of cause I will be buying more, but it’s hardly going to be more than five-six bras, and I’m positive that at least one of them will be Mimi Holliday Super Plunge (and there were two Mimi Holliday Super Plunge reviews already).

So I’m going concentrate more on theory, and more on clothes than bras. If there is about bras then it will be about some nuances, because all basics and well beyond were already perfectly covered.

So what else I’m going to write about in 2014:

  • Finish prints and optical illusion series, there should three more posts: about polka dot, florals and animal prints.
  • Style in general. I’m going to write about Classic style more that’s for sure, I also want to write about mixing styles in one outfit, but no promises about other style topics.
  • Accessories (especially belts, scarves and necklaces, because I love them and they can be sometimes tricky).
  •  Clothes reviews of cause.

I’m also open to any suggestions. So if you have something about bras or clothes in mind you think I could give some useful information, please comment!

As a conclusion let me say ‘thank you!’ to all of you! Especially to those who commented (I love reading and answering comments!). I wish love, joy, health and all the other good things to wish for to all my readers! Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “2013 is over, but I have plans for New Year 2014

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      I will be super boring ))) Like a lot of math and pattern analyses and stockinette knitting of very simple jumper boring ). Or infinity scarf made with 1×1 rib knitting (actually I have one of those, made from thin silk/cashmere yarn and I love it and I want more, but that was my mom knitting, not mine).


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