I might be back

I haven’t updated this blog for quite long time, first it was shock about what was going on in my country, so I wasn’t able to write, then I just forgot about it until I got a comment approval request in my mail couple of days ago. And I thought that now is the time to return. It’s not like situation in Ukraine is back to normal (war is in about 110 miles from my city), but I think that trying to live my life normally is a good idea. Small normal things (like lunches with friends or nice haircut or small scale shopping therapy) really help to coop with stress. So I’m going to add some blog posts about nice small things I bought and about theory of creating harmonyalmost anything is healthier than checking news every ten minutes.

So if our situation don’t worsen dramatically I’m going to be back with new reviews (3 bras, couple of interesting clothes items) and I think I have some ideas about how to wear fashion jewelry if you are curvy.

2 thoughts on “I might be back

  1. K-Line

    I do hope you feel motivated to blog – especially if it means you are feeling less anxious about the state of your environment. Giving you lots of good fashion (and political stability) vibes!

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      I think I am motivated. I wrote drafts for a couple of posts and made some photos already. Now I need to crop the photos and add them to drafts (and try to find at least half of terrible grammar mistakes I made :-D)


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