Some news about me

I have been silent for some time: first I was too scared and nervous because of events in Ukraine, then just tired. After a while an opportunity which was promising me professional growth and life change presented itself and I needed to work hard to make it happen. And now I can say that it all worked out. I moved to Silicone Valley. I can’t promise to resume the blog in the nearest future, as now I have 100500 things to do (my ‘to do’ list is now not as long as it was on the day one, but it is still very long). But after I settle down I hope I will be writing again (now as I have totally new perspective I think I have a lot to share), but I can’t give any promises )).

2 thoughts on “Some news about me

  1. K-Line

    Holy cow – that’s quite a change! And while I’m sorry that you had to leave your home for reasons of violence (I can’t imagine how horrible that would be), you’ve landed in a place with perfect weather. Your whole wardrobe needs to change! Best of luck and keep us posted.

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      Thank you!

      In my home city it wasn’t that awful (I mean we had some incidents, but there were no major attacks), so I moved more for professional reasons than as a refugee. But of cause unrest was one of the factors.

      And yes, weather is awesome! And nature is so beautiful, you can just drive a freeway and it looks like a postcard!

      Right now I’m still living out of suitcase (as you might guess clothes weren’t a priority, as I have to buy a car and furniture and tons of home goods), but I think I will definitely buy some stuff in the nearest couple of month. ))


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