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Ukraine to US, my wardrobe adjastments

It has been already seven months since I moved to US, and I think I’m starting to figure it out.

I’m still myself, so I tend to be little bit overdressed on a daily basis due to my taste for simple clothes made from very pricey materials. But I think that I can live with that. I better be whispered about than uncomfortable. Being really challenged in the area of thermoregulation and having dry and sensitive skin makes me really picky. I can’t withstand cheap poly, any sheep or lamb wool or alpaca, and linen. I don’t like viscose and acetate. And cotton (except see-through batiste) IMO is too heavyweight for hot summer days (if I wear jeans when it’s 85F I will be wishing not have been born). All that said no wander I wear silks on a daily basis in summer and I often wear skirts* and this hasn’t been changed because I moved.

So my normal office day wardrobe for super hot weather is something like this

My summer wardrobe choices

My summer wardrobe choices

As you can see it’s pretty conservative and there are couple of almost exact duplicates (I really have three Michael Kors crossbody bags and two pairs of exactly the same aviator sunglasses in silver and in gold). J. Crew dress replaces my actual dress which is custom made from silk and has very similar design. Pants are also custom made from 4ply silk crepe and have a drawstring in hems (they cut for heels, but can be adjusted to flats). I haven’t included heels here, because I never wear them to office. There are more tops in real life, but their character depicted by what I have in the picture. I’m going to add couple of midi skirts here, but I can’t say that I want much more diversity.

As for the days when it’s not that hot I think I found the solution how to make my wardrobe more diverse. First of all I invested** in some shorter knits which won’t be harmed that much by my beloved cross body bags. I also got full midi skirt for the days I’m really tired of wearing jeans. I bought more jeans, but not in blue: one are taupe and one are black. I’m going to wear two more crossbodies I added this summer: gray and hot pink. So I won’t have a feeling that I’m wearing a uniform in autumn. I’m going to wear classic shirts and blue jeans as well of cause as I was wearing them in spring, but not five days a week. Not anymore.

The only problem (and it’s а huge problem for me) is that I haven’t bought enough shoes for autumn. I was literally in every store nearby and I bought and sent back several pairs online. No luck so far (and for some of them price tag went as far as $400 on sale, yes, I’m that desperate!). And I need at least two pairs : high boots and something like fashion sneakers of loafers.

Here is a concept for this autumn and winter

Here is a concept for this autumn and winter***

Other than that life was and is really good. I love Silicone Valley. It always makes me fascinated and happy to see how mountains turn peach when I’m driving back home on sunset and blue when it’s raining (not too often) or fog comes. I really like people I’m working with. And I feel much safer.

* Yeah, if you don’t have chaffing problem you very likely feel more cool in a full or A-line skirt and full and A-line skirts don’t restrain your moves at all, very short skirts can make you conscious about where your hem is and it’s especially true for short full skirts, but I stopped wearing them when I was a teen

** Actually I spent too much money not invested, you can’t invest in clothes no matter what Vogue says. If it doesn’t bring you money it’s just an expense ))

*** There are more shirts than one (in fact it’s five), but they all are almost the same and the only difference is color, dark green sweater is actually black and skirt is a little bit longer, there are also more pashminas, but it would be too cluttered if I add them all.