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Weight loss/weight gain or why I like demi-cup bras so much and some tips about oversized coats

I recently lost about 5 pounds* and then gained them back. This is not a lot, but when you are close to the low limit of your healthy weight even small fluctuations are noticeable. I lost about an inch in the hips and a little bit less than an inch in the chest, but I my body changed a bit: I had noticeably less thighs and my breast shape changed. Despite that my general body shape stayed the same: slim hourglass. And this is one of the main things about weight gain/weight loss: body shape rarely changes.

Hourglass body shape means that you are loosing or putting weight proportionally on top and on bottom of your body, but your waist is less affected by the weight gain/loss than chest and hips/thighs. Although some details about your body shape could be very different and this affects how clothes look and how your bras fit. And it’s better to be aware of such effects.

Skinny jeans and loose tops are usually on top of “X, what not to wear” lists, but for my height (~5’7”) and weight they are in fact quite flattering and create more relaxed look. I still look better in a pencil skirt and a top fitted in the waist, but sometimes I just want that relaxed vibe. And without 5 pounds it looked even better on me because thinner legs made viewer to guess that I should be slimmer allover, despite that there was still a lot of volume on top.

I could look really good in an oversized coat, too, but I’m not a fan. But if your shape is similar to mine and you want oversized coat, here is the know how: look for soft fabrics, not heavy, and not all that dark grey, dark blue solids which look heavy to an eye, it should be seriously and obviously oversized, but sleeves should be not longer than 7/8, because you want to show how slim and graceful your wrists are; the coat shouldn’t be long and it should be either very broad or very narrow near the hem, it should be worn with slim pants or jeans or leggings or short skirt (knee length is the maximum) and shoes because you need to show your legs.

What also changed was that my breasts had less upper fullness, until I ate my 5 pounds back. The decrease in my underbust was almost the same as decrease of chest circumference, so I technically should have been the same cup size, but (and this is a big but!) shape of my breasts changed, weight loss made me more bottom heavy (and I had been bottom heavy before I lost weight). That affected how my bras fit. Of cause they all were less tight in the band, but that’s not all: both my Tiffanies (which are plunges)  and Revelation 3D (molded demi with cups closed inwards a little bit) looked horrible on me,  I was unable to fill properly the upper part of the cup. I didn’t have the problem Freya Ashlee and Parfait by Affinitas Jeanie, because they were heavily padded, so they held their shape, but there was some space I didn’t fill (the problem was bigger with Jeanie, while it was minuscule with Ashlee). But all my Mimi Holliday Super Plunges (which are actually very open demi-cups with horizontal seams) and Masquerade Rhea (which is open demi-cup with vertical seams) fit me just fine. What makes it possible? Open and very open, not tall cups. Bras with vertical seams lift better, so they manage to improve the shape to more rounded look, but open demi-cups are forgiving, no matter what seams direction are . And this is why I think that such bras are genius for girls like me, who are not large, quite firm and loose and gain mostly upper fullness.

For girls who need more support the good solution could be stretch lace on top of the cups. Panache Andorra and Panache Jasmine bras are very popular because of good support and ability to accommodate to changes in shape and to certain extent size.

*If you want a recipe: catch a stomach flue and after 3-4 days of eating almost nothing you will be in the same place. But I strictly unadvise you to use it )

2013 is over, but I have plans for New Year 2014

blue_horseI published 37 posts in 2013 and for me it was a quite comfortable pace, so the next year I expect it will be the same number of posts, give or take.

I participated in two campaigns #diversityInLingerie and Modesty Panel. It was fun, so I’m looking forward to new hot topics from lingerie blogging world.

I wrote my top post ‘Are you an hourglass?’, but I can’t promise to write something like that one more time.

Last year there were about ten bra reviews in this blog, but I expect that there will be less the next year, because I found shape and style I like most, and I have a box full of bras which fit from ok to perfect. Of cause I will be buying more, but it’s hardly going to be more than five-six bras, and I’m positive that at least one of them will be Mimi Holliday Super Plunge (and there were two Mimi Holliday Super Plunge reviews already).

So I’m going concentrate more on theory, and more on clothes than bras. If there is about bras then it will be about some nuances, because all basics and well beyond were already perfectly covered.

So what else I’m going to write about in 2014:

  • Finish prints and optical illusion series, there should three more posts: about polka dot, florals and animal prints.
  • Style in general. I’m going to write about Classic style more that’s for sure, I also want to write about mixing styles in one outfit, but no promises about other style topics.
  • Accessories (especially belts, scarves and necklaces, because I love them and they can be sometimes tricky).
  •  Clothes reviews of cause.

I’m also open to any suggestions. So if you have something about bras or clothes in mind you think I could give some useful information, please comment!

As a conclusion let me say ‘thank you!’ to all of you! Especially to those who commented (I love reading and answering comments!). I wish love, joy, health and all the other good things to wish for to all my readers! Happy New Year!