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Shopping in US from the ‘Nothing ever fits’ girl point of view

I decided to go with overview post first, because review of the separate items doesn’t cover overall experience and I think this is important. I did a lot of shopping while I was in US, which is rather unusual for me, I don’t really like it and tend to go online to buy stuff or have it custom made. But I have a good reason: clothes are much cheaper in US and there are items which my tailor do not make (like leather jacket or jeans).

First. I had very high expectations and packed light. That was a mistake, because guess what? nothing fit, of cause. Well ok, I’m a little bit exaggerating. I had absolutely no problem finding bags ))).

So I ended buying:

– electronics (a phone, a camera and a laptop); these items are something like 25-30% cheaper in US, so if you are travelling from EU or exUSSR it’s a good idea to save some money to upgrade your gadget park;

– bag to go to sport (Kipling, nice indigo color, just the right size to fit all my gym wear, about $70, like this)  and spinner bag with laptop compartment (Samsonite, $110);

– one pair of patent purple heels (Cole Haan, something around $80, here is the same model in black), not that I really need them, but they were nice looking, ok fit and just high enough to be high heels, but not very high (this is the real problem at home: all fancy heels are like 4.5″ high, which is too much for me);

black leather jacket (Wilson leather, around $250), I expect it to be a real work horse, period when I can wear it isn’t very long, because it’s usually too cold or too hot, but it’s very basic and can go with jeans as easily as with pencil skirt, so in a years it will eventually get a lot of wear, I think I will review it later;

black leather pleated midi skirt from Asos ($200), believe it or not, but I expect this skirt to become one of my wardrobe staples. The reason is that we have windy and cold weather from November till March, so skirt to wear with shorter coats should be a real wind shield and leather is perfect for this task;

– beige silk jersey T-shirt from Yoox ($35), very basic, very nice to skin, could be effortlessly worn with jeans and skirts;

– ivory silk top sold from Amazon ($40), again very basic and versatile, a bit baggy, because it’s not fitted in the waist, but this I can fix when I come home;

– 2 pairs of Wolford tights (black, opaque, $35 each from ASOS), btw if you are a fan, but think that they are pricey when looking on Wolford website, I highly recommend to look at ASOS instead, they don’t have such a variety of colors and designs, but they are like $15+ cheaper there and if it’s a sale it could be a really good deal;

– 2.25 yards of Power Shield Polartec fleece (I think it will make a great winter coat);

– two pairs of jeans (Bold Curve Slim Levis, $50 and True Religion High rise skinnies, $105), I’m not fond of them, but they were the least horrible ones (and believe me I tried dozens), what’s interesting, I still have skinnies from 2 years ago which fit me fine in size 28, but what I bought were 26. Jeans isn’t the most flattering garment on me, but when I want to play with my aunt’s dog or want to play it down they are my best option :-);

– two DKNY cozies ($65 each, silk-cotton-cashmere blend), love them;

– earrings ($70, Swarovski crystals, quite small and neutral), I’m allergic to almost anything, but not medical steel they are made from, so I like to be able to wear something nice;

– one size Hanky-Panky thongs and not one size briefs and some cotton VS panties;

Josef Seibel ‘Tina 07’ Pump shows (casual, soft and comfortable);

Revelation 3D Molded Simone Perele bra, which is to narrow for me to be truly comfortable, but I think it should be ok, when I bend wires (see my Nordstrom lingerie department report);

Do you see the pattern? I bought a lot of stuff, but almost everything I bought don’t create fit problems (tights, bags, fabric, cozies, jersey T-shirt), ASOS skirt I bought online is A-line, so it’s very forgiving. The only garments which are not so forgiving are jeans and ivory top, but they are not perfect.

I had a really tiresome experience trying shoes which never were soft and comfortable enough (and I really wanted to buy at least two pairs of shoes for everyday wear!). I was going to stock up on jeans, but bought only two of them.  I found what I wanted most: casual shoes for autumn which can go with a skirt, but weren’t high heels, but I didn’t find light or colorful flats for summer (this is a huge hole in my summer shoe wardrobe). I think that my shoe problem originates in the fact that Americans rarely walk a lot and I do. And I walk in the city, so I don’t like very sporty or outdoorsy footwear.

But other than shoes I did ok I think. My shopping list look like a wild shopping spree, but actually it was more like planned campaign (I have a list of items I need and I was buying from this list mostly). Most of the items I bought I bought much cheaper than it would cost me at home and most of them are things which will get a lot of wear. So price-per-wear* should be really low after some time.

* Nice and short explanation here .

Review. Campbell and Kate shirt

It is one of the reviews I’ve been counting days to write, because fitting button down were always impossible to find on a rack for me.

Darlene (a shop owner) was extremely helpful with my order, I live in Ukraine and I was unsure which size to order, but she helped to sort out all of these. Best customer service ever!

So here it is in all it’s glory: Campbell and Kate CEO shirt for D,E,F woman! White, quality cotton and incredibly versatile.

My photos can’t make it justice (I have a tendency to get attached to things and one of these thing is my old phone which I use to make photos, sorry), so here is the photo from their site.

And here is me, standing in the same shirt (which definitely needs ironing) in front of the mirror.

White CEO shirt with a skirt from business suit. Front view

White CEO shirt with a skirt from business suit. Front view

My measurement are falling out of the size range, because my waist is 23″ and bust is 38″, but size 2L (it’s intended for waist 26″ and bust 37″) is a really good fit for me. I have some extra space in the waist, but I think it’s good because it makes the shirt to fit better worn untucked with jeans. And it’s nowhere near tentness I usually experience with ready-to-wear shirts. I think that shirt made for my actual waist measurement could fit worse because to tell the truth this 23″ is not a lean line, an inch up or down and I’m 3″ wider.

I really love that I have shoulders in place and there is no strain on buttons. Armscyes feel so much better when there is no strain and side seams are in place. This shirt really worth every single cent which was spent to buy it.

Back is much wider up to the shoulders than on the waist level, so it could look a little bit awkward when shirt is tucked, but less space there could create problems when moving hands forward.

White Campbell and Kate shirt. Side view

White Campbell and Kate shirt. Side view

White Campbell and Kate shirt. Back view

White Campbell and Kate shirt. Back view

My only complain is the side dart. I’m addressing this issue to the fact that I’m an inch wider in the chest and my bust isn’t really big (because size L constructed for large busted women, not nipped in the waist women with average bust, so I have smaller distance between the apexes than what was assumed when constructing the shirt). But a small nice atelier on Lenina will happily fix this for me for something like $3.

White Campbell and Kate shirt. Side dart is not long enough

White Campbell and Kate shirt. Side dart is not long enough, so it’s a small fold there

Right now Darlene is in the process of changing contractor AFAIK, but from what I know about her it will affect quality only in a good way, although I’m not sure if it’s possible to order sizes that are not in the inventory right now, but it’s really don’t hurt to ask )

Some more images with jeans,

White Campbell and Kate shirt with jeans. Front view

White Campbell and Kate shirt with jeans. Front view

White Campbell and Kate shirt with jeans. Rear view

White Campbell and Kate shirt with jeans. Rear view

These white shirts are real wardrobe staples and Campbell and Kate makes very good and fitting ones!

Review. Freya Lounge, Erin Lounge Pants

I bought them from Large Cup Lingerie, online shop, which was praised a lot in lingerie blogging community for free worldwide shipping (fast free worldwide shipping I want to add!), very reasonable prices and excellent customer service. I also ordered Masquerade Rhea from them, but she should wait, because straps were too far apart for me and the fit was off, so I gave it to my seamstress to fix this.

But Freya Lounge Erin Lounge Pants were spot on. I ordered them in size 12 and they are totally ok on my 37″ butt. I think I could even get away with size 10, but I’m glad I ordered 12, because I like loose fit in lounge clothes. Fabric is incredibly soft and breathable.

The waistband features elastic in the back and firm front with ribbons. It took me a little bit to accommodate to this, because you definitely should take this into account when taking them off or putting on.

erin pants

Sorry, no rear view, kind of tricky to make

I love the stripes (and my cat’s hair doesn’t show!).

Aren't they?

Aren’t they nice?

They have a back pocket. I can’t say that I really like it, but it’s not a showstopper either.

Back Pocket

Back Pocket

The quality of seams is good (the photo below features the only place that a little bit sloppy).

Waistband inside

Waistband inside

UPD Today I found that the side seam on a waistband came apart. I think this is still my favourite lounge pants, but exercises with thread and needle are real killjoy for me. Looks like Freya needs quality control improvement.

The Undercover Experience – one of the worst customer experiences in my life

As many women who “blessed” by non-standard bra size I have to shop online. Mostly I have really good customer experience, but this one was very different.

Frankly speaking they made me furious at some point. So the temptation to get all emotional is really there, but I’m going just state the facts.

I made my order on 24th of December 2012.

After a month I discovered that status of my order is still ‘Payed by PayPal’.

I asked the site politely through contact form about the status of my order – no response.

Two days later I opened a PayPal dispute (Glad I used PayPal! If it was credit card I would be totally lost).

Then I got a very cold answer that they didn’t have the bra I had ordered in stock and waiting for Panache for it. And it will be another week. There was no sorry, nothing.

I answered that if they had it delivered within 45 days then I would wait, otherwise I want a refund. No answer. They just silently tried to return me 32.64 pounds (of 34!), PayPal cancelled the transaction.

Yesterday I reminded about that and got no reaction.

I escalated to claim and got my money back today (have to go bra shopping!)

I will never ever buy from them again and strongly unadvise others!

I really glad I used PayPal as a method of payment. Everything goes smoothly with them and their customer protection is awesome feature.