I don’t need bras I just happen to like them

I don’t know how much it’s common among the world female population, but here, in eastern Ukraine, it’s not very common, but it’s not something unique. Woman can be average or even large on the cup size scale, but she still has self-supportive breasts. So technically she doesn’t need a bra. I’m one of these women.

There are a lot of posts about Cooper ligament which looses elasticity and causes sagging if you don’t have support, but what can I say – I’m just lucky to have a sturdy ligaments apparently. Local women tend to use ‘a pencil rule’: if you can place a pencil at the root of your breasts and it falls then you ok to go braless, if it’s stays in place, bra is a must. I think it makes sense because even  smaller cups sometimes need support and much larger breasts are ok without any. And I think that if your breasts are really heavy then it may be a good idea to spare your shoulders and back and wear a bra.

And it goes without saying that you should wear a bra during the pregnancy and breastfeeding. Well, may be there are women who don’t need that, too, I just never know one. If you know let me know )

I don’t really need a bra, but I wear bras a lot.

  • They dramatically increase my wardrobe options, especially in summer (it is real tricky to find something work appropriate for summer that stays work appropriate without a bra).
  • My shape is better.
  • They are pretty and they are fun.

When I discovered bras which fit that was like a whole new horizon for me in terms of what clothes I can wear (I like comfort too much to be able to force myself into ill fitting bra if it’s not just for couple of hours once a year).

To emphasize importance of bras and fitting for any size is part of what the community of lingerie bloggers stands for. Most of those wonderful women are intelligent, supportive and dedicated, they really try to make this world a better place, but fighting against ignorance towards women needs they sometimes forget that some women have different needs.

So it becomes “Every woman needs a well fitting bra” instead of “Every woman should be able to find a well fitting bra if she needs or just wants it”. I totally agree that poor fit is something that should be banished. I strongly believe that bras should be comfortable and that they should be supportive if woman needs support. But I also strongly believe that an adult woman being compos mentis can every right and ability to identify her needs by herself.

It goes far enough. I was advised to see a doctor because I had said that I hadn’t needed a sport bra and had found them restrictive. I was said that it couldn’t be that breasts were not sagging despite sport activity and all. I was told that women like me didn’t exist. It felt like an attempt of bulling. Like my very existence was something annoying because it disturbed that imaginary model of the reality everyone has in one’s head.*

It’s really bad if somebody’s needs are neglected. But an attempt to push women into buying something that they don’t really need is equally ethically questionable. Even if it’s done for free. I don’t like brainwashing at all. I was born in the USSR where it was everywhere, I think it makes me  intolerant to the damn thing, so I felt like I should raise the topic.

I hope it won’t make me unwelcomed in the lingerie blogs.

*Yep, we all have your very own model of reality which isn’t the reality itself, sane person just keeps adjusting it when learns something about reality, but sometimes we are very reluctant to do so, because we liked previous version better. It can even make some people really aggressive.

compos mentis

17 thoughts on “I don’t need bras I just happen to like them

  1. Fussy Busty

    I think you bring forth a very important perspective. Yes, if you’re going to wear a bra, it should fit. But no one should tell you that you should have to do anything if you’re not comfortable. You can even wear the wrong size if that’s really how you feel.

    In the end, all we can do is educate about proper bra fitting and thinking outside of the bra matrix. The rest, as they say, is up to you (and everyone else). I personally despise wearing a bra at home and don’t think I should have to!

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      Thank you for your support! This topic is really important to me.
      I love style and bras, but it really troubles me how things which should make us feel better, feel more in harmony are used sometimes. I really dislike that “There are two opinions, mine and wrong” attitude of some style and bra fitting gurus.

  2. Galactica

    Hello !

    it’s fun, I am french, and the pencil test is also known here !
    You are not alone ! I can reconnize in what you say about having self supportive breasts : when I do this test, the pencil falls ; I can wear no bra, a bad fitting bra that offers no support or a triangle bikini top at the beach, my breast don’t looks and don’t feels unsupported. And I wear bras exaclty like you, because of the shape under the shirts (I feel more confortable in public when I have “the fake moulded round boobs” that a lot of young women have because I’m “brainwashed”, but in reality, I would prefer to feel as confortable in my narural shape), and because bras are pretty and fun. I also prefer/want to wear bras that fits me because of the support I get. My breast are enough self supportive to live without bras, but in a good bra, I can get a “no breast feeling” or “strong chest feeling”. I don’t really know how to explain that, maybe its the feeling of having a child or man chest, because the volume and the weight of breasts are totally fixed when I move. And I like that in my public life, I feel stronger (and here, I think it is more a personnal preference than a brainwashed preference).
    About doing sport without bras, I can do it (play at the beach, running down my home’s stairs, etc), but when I plan to do a very jiggly sport during a long time (more than 10 or 15 minutes), I prefer wearing a sport bra, but I understand you don’t.

    Thanks for this post !

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      Hi! )

      You aren’t brainwashed if you can see where the stuff comes from and want to change things!

      And I definitely understand what you are talking about when you mentioned “strong chest feeling”, with slouched shoulders and fast movements I can get that jiggly feeling and I definitely understand why it’s more comfortable without it.

      Sport bras are restrictive for my breathing, because despite been 30 band (who wears 32) my underbust measurement goes up to 88 cm (34.6″) when I inhale to max, no supporting bra in my size is going to stretch that much. And then muscles in my back – they move and change size. AFAIK my situation isn’t something unusual for girls who used to swim seriously, but of cause not all girls have this problem. so whatever works for you is great!

      Thanks for commenting! )

      1. Galactica

        My sport bra can streches up to 81cm, my ribcage up to 84, and it already feels a little to restrictive (I wear it with an extender If I want to breath very confortably). Not funny if your ribcage can go to 88cm !

        (and I used to swin too ! maybe not as much as you did, 6 hours in a week during 10 years)

        It is hard to say with just reading a blog, but I feel that you have a similar body type as me in some points, but more “extreme” (“extreme” from proportions and clothes needs of a virtual industrial woman). I will read your blog carrefully, maybe it can helps me a little to find something thats fits me well !

      2. nothingeverfits Post author

        Hey! We really have a lot in common!

        I read you blog and I think we are indeed have similar body type and from photos I can see that bra fit has a lot in common, too. BTW, I was thinking about buying CK Elegance myself, but that lace… I opted for Masquerade Tiffany instead and was not disappointed!

        I used to swim up to 8 hours a week max (but not regularly, most of the time it was 4 or 6), so not a big difference )). Given that your underbust is a little bit smaller, I think that ribcage excursion is pretty much close.

        Now there are more theory than practical posts about concrete brands and alterations in my blog, but it’s going to change (I need to buy a decent camera to be able to make photos in our crappy winter light, but recently there have been a lot of more topical stuff for me to purchase).

      3. Guest

        I got a plunge bra from Polish brand Ewa Michalak. The cups were a good fit, but the band restricted my breathing too much. It was a very stiff 70/32 band. Unstretched, it measures about 23-24 inches. Stretched out, it measures about 30-32 inches. The band extender adds about 1 1/2 inches. That’s not enough breathing space for me. I don’t have very powerful lungs, so the stiff bra band pushed against my breathing. I felt more sick after wearing the bra. Not enough oxygen. The shoulder straps were like a harness. Even at maximum length, I could not get full range of motion of my arms. Now I will try a bra alternative, such as the Decent Exposures Unbra with the 2″ ribbing to avoid tightness around the ribcage. There are custom made bralettes I could try. Thank God I have self-supportive breasts. I will keep my chest muscles toned always. Maybe I’ll go swimming. Thank you for this article.

      4. Guest

        I just read a review of that Ewa Michalak bra in the same size. Her 70/32 band stretches to 28 inches! No wonder I had trouble breathing. Ewa Michalak should tell us before we order the bra. It could be dangerous. Not only that, the texture on the straps makes them only partially adjustable. That’s why I had trouble moving my arms. The fact that they have to put cotton lining over foam padding tells me that it is toxic. No more Ewa Michalak bras for me.

      5. Guest

        I tried the Decent Exposures Unbra. It doesn’t restrict my movement a lot like regular bras. The lightweight organic cotton is very soft. The 2″ lycra ribbing in place of an elastic band is soft and stretchy. The size 30 lycra ribbing measures about 23″ unstretched, but stretches out to about 34″. That’s why I feel like I can fully breathe in it. But I breathe better without any stretchband at all.

        Unfortunately, I still felt too restricted in it. Mostly because the straps are too short. You have to send the Unbra back to get the straps lengthened. The lycra ribbing rode up and left red marks. With longer straps, the ribbing maybe would stay where it’s supposed to. But I prefer not to have the pressure of a stretchband against me.

        With pockets, you can put in padding. But it’s hard to get it to look smooth without the outline of the padding showing through. Maybe with the heavier medium weight organic cotton, the extra thickness of the fabric helps.

        I did not have a problem with cup width or the centre gore. It’s a soft cup bra that seems quite forgiving of shape and size. But there is a little bit of elastic along the neckline, armholes and underband that feels rough. It rubs my sensitive skin. I want to cut the elastic out. There aren’t many bra styles to choose from. They let you send them your own fabric to make into a bra.

        It’s called an Unbra, but there is still too much engineering for me. So my next bra will be a custom made bralette top. Elastic-free. Pockets for padding. There are vintage bras closed with buttons. That seems much more comfortable. If I stay slender and take care of my skin, maybe I will never need a bra.

  3. Guest

    Malica, God bless you for this post.

    I have an X shape hourglass figure with a full bust.

    I do chest exercise every day, massage my bust with oil, and do not wear a bra.

    My bust is 100% perky.

    I hope I never have to wear a bra. It feels like a harness.

    Bras constrict your breathing, circulation and lymphatic flow. Your bust needs exercise to be self-supporting.

    Bra bands do not let the wearer respirate fully. The bands would have to be so huge.

    Now I am looking for unbras that give modesty, a nice shape, and are fun. Decent Exposures has an Unbra that I may try. They have this customization: “Substitute a 2″ wide lycra or dri-release ‘ribbing’ in place of the rib elastic for those who don’t want anything tight across the rib cage.”

    The full bust community mostly caters to overweight, saggy bust women. Slender but full bust women are treated badly. But we still have DD Atelier and Urkye.

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      And great job with exercise!
      BTW I found that Adidas sport bra size L pretty much gives me some coverage without being tight (no support of cause, but I’m totally fine with that).
      What would be optimal for sport and casual for totally self-supporting breasts IMO is a tank top with strategically placed thin foam for coverage (without elastic around rib cage to restrict breathing), but (alas!) I don’t know any company which makes something like that.


      1. Guest

        The lingerie blog community is now defunct. Tight bras are no good for your health. Bralettes are now in fashion.

        It looks like tight bras make the breasts deformed. There are testimonials about coopers ligaments strengthening after women went bra-free.

        When you do wear a bra, you must be sure to body brush gently to remove the trapped toxins. Then you have to get enough minerals to keep the skin tight.

        This system is proven to lift the bust. https://store.t-tapp.com/products/crt-skin-tightening-system-dvd?variant=6392401348

        Malica, your blog is a breath of fresh air. Your insights are relevant and interesting. It is true, there needs to be a company that makes pretty bralettes that fit a full bust that is self-supporting. You can try Etsy for custom-made bralettes.

        Thank you for writing this post. I felt bullied in the lingerie blogs, too. Photos can be deceptive. Measurements can be manipulated. We have to consider that bloggers may look very different in person.

        Malica, you are inspiring. When I see a blogger like you, I want to eat better, exercise better, sleep better.

        Take care.

      2. Guest

        Decent Exposures has a Cami-Bra. They said they could make it without elastic around the ribcage to restrict breathing. They suggested putting a drawstring there. They can add pockets for the thin foam cups. They make the Cami-Bra by bra size. I am considering. Because the hourglass X shape has a longer torso, I would need longer straps. So I would measure my Urkye tuba top or similar to help me get the measurements. They have elastic in the neckline, maybe in the straps too, so I would ask them to remove those to feel comfortable. https://decentexposures.com/Bras/Cami-Bra

      3. nothingeverfits Post author

        Sounds good, but when I looked I didn’t really like the cut. I was really thinking about getting sewing machine and modifying tops I like, but then got too lazy, given that sizing up in sport bras works ok so far )

      4. Guest

        To me, Decent Exposures is a good starting point. They offer lots of customizations. For example, this review shows the Cami-Bra can be made with sleeves for winter underwear.

        When you get the basic shell that fits, you can later add trimmings like lace and flowers to make it pretty. I have decided against a drawstring, because it could tie in a knot at the worst time. What I like is that they would add pockets in the bust.

        It’s definitely good to know how to sew. Congratulations that sizing up in sports bras works for you.

      5. Guest

        The Decent Exposures Cami-Bra is not my style and it’s too low-cut for me. I decided to try a local company with more attractive designs. Just need to figure out how to put pockets on the bust. I plan to sew my own bralettes one day.

  4. Guest

    People are trying to make it look like full bust women with self-supportive breasts don’t exist. At 007b.com, they have a large breasts gallery. Every photo in that gallery is of an overweight woman with saggy breasts. Well, I guess they could put women like us in the medium breasts gallery. Oh, but they don’t have one.

    We only see women’s breasts with a bra on. It’s not always what it seems. There are women who waste their life envying a bra size like 30G but they do not see that those breasts are jiggling like jello and would fall down without the bra. It took me many years to figure that out. I wish somebody had told me.

    If you haven’t heard of transvestigation, it’s all over YouTube. People finally figured out that the big celebrities have been secretly transgender all along. All the famous female models, movie stars, singers, etc. were men.


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