Review. Panache Loretta Plunge

This was an experiment as it was the first unpadded bra I purchased since I discovered that I’m not 36B. To my disappointment it wasn’t successful. I’ve bought this bra in 32DD because from bratabase it seemed that it runs larger than padded bras (in fact the cups are bigger than some 32E bra I own).

The justification of this purchase for me was that all my padded bras I love so much are not really good for 100F. When its that hot you need something more breathable and Loretta seemed perfect: low central gore, no padding, beautiful yet flat embroidery,  wide wires. Of cause it’s a little bit visible under clinging jersey, but you really don’t want anything clinging when it’s 100F.

Product image. She is beautiful!

Product image. She is beautiful!

Some close ups

Strap. Antislip texture which is really pretty. Bravo! And it's fully adjustable!

Strap. Antislip texture which is really pretty. Bravo! And it’s fully adjustable!

Isn't it just lovely?

Isn’t it just lovely?

Said all that I have to add that this bra has a one huge flaw for me. It doesn’t fit. Shape of the cups is just wrong. The inner edge of the cups goes inward too much for me, so I have quadraboob plus gaping near the apex, relaxing the straps makes this better, but can’t make it disappear. Nothing new of cause, being shallow and wide I have this problem quite often. And I don’t think that going up cup size is going to help, because this bra is deep enough for me judging from the digits and the width of the cups is also spot on, so in the bigger size I would get too large cups.

This failure makes me think about getting unpadded half cups, because they are usually better for shallow profiles, but I’m totally clueless which brands/models to try.

5 thoughts on “Review. Panache Loretta Plunge

  1. WideCurves

    The Loretta Plunge is on my list to try, for the same reasons you tried it!

    You may have good luck with Claudette bras. The wires are very crescent shaped and wide. In the lower cup sizes the gores are 2 1/2″-3″ tall. The Dessous and Sophia are made of thin, light fabric.

    I recently discovered the Panache Idina Plunge, and am loving it. The cups are very light and to me, the perfect summer bra.

    I wear my usual Freya/Fantasie size in all of the above.

  2. WideCurves

    Oops, forgot the half cup – the Freya Gem is super comfy. The wires are very flexible, but don’t know if they’re wide enough for you. If Cleo has some unlined demi’s, they would probably be good options. Usually wide.

    1. nothingeverfits Post author

      Thanks a lot for the tips. Gem should be too narrow for me. And Idina is too tall in the cups. But Sophia seems promising.
      I’m also thinking about Masquerade Orla (seems to be lowish), but can’t really make my mind about it and it’s new, so no discounted options and no reviews.

      1. WideCurves

        You know, the Idina really isn’t -at least on me. I think my width lowers the height of the cups. I was surprised. The Dessous isn’t tall, either, on me. I’m high set but I think long from the upper chest to collar bones…weird, I know. Maybe that’s why they aren’t so tall on me?

        It occurred to me, what about Parfait or Curvy Kate? KC makes quite a few unlined bras that are notoriously shallow. Parfait gives me the same fit problems -shallow.

      2. nothingeverfits Post author

        I think it is not weird at all. Proportions really vary and any body part could be longer or shorter. And definitely this could be the reason.

        I like CK Emily design-wise and upper section seems not that tight, but Bratabase says that it significantly more narrow than I need. Sad.
        And I definitely should look on Parfait more thoroughly.

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